Friday, December 13, 2013

It's been too long...

Now that Life has settled down and my new studio space feels lived in and worked in, I suppose it's time to fill these pages with all that I have been doing since last March. I don't want to blast a bunch of images and info into the ether either, so I'll drib and drab it over the next few weeks.
In short, last April I closed my studio at Junctionview in light of the fact that the building was scheduled to become a parking lot. 12 of us formed a co-op, Tacocat, and moved a stone's throw away. Short distance, lots of trips, tons of stuff, one injured toe (not mine) and a skinned shin (also not mine). I'd call it a success. We officially opened our studio and gallery space in August and have never looked back. (Call me if you need a drywall tutorial, but I might shoot myself)
Officially, #3
Ready for openhouse
Most-used work station

Yep, must have loft

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