Friday, April 30, 2010

Dawn Redwood Series

Forests of Dawn Redwood flourished throughout North America 50 million years ago. Before its rediscovery around 1941 in a remote region of China, metasequoia was considered extinct. Through the efforts of Harvard University, ornamental specimens survive throughout the world. But it is with dedication and determination that the stewards of North Carolina's Crescent Ridge Dawn Redwood Preserve are succeeding in birthing a magnificent, flourishing forest of these living fossils.
The cones in this series were collected over several years with permission of the owner of two wonderful specimens in Upper Arlington along my daily walk. Imagine my surprise and satisfaction when a simple curiosity led me to uncover such a profoundly moving story. There are infinite connections to find when we remain open to quiet inspiration.

Still Fertile is on exhibit in MAW's Hard Labor Show at the Sean Christopher Gallery in Columbus, Ohio through the month of May.
Look for more pieces in this series in the near future.

Dawn Redwood Series, Still Fertile
Slate, Face-cut wood, Dawn Redwood seeds
(The face-cut wedge is provided by Dr. Raymond Hartke, tree-feller extraordinaire)
Still Fertile is dedicated to my sister, Alice Louise Hartke

Still Fertile is the flow and ebb of the creative process-like childbirth and the loss of that potential, like layers of sediment metamorphosed by great pressure, like the felling of a once vital tree.....the potential rebirth of something long thought dead.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mother Artists at Work (MAW) presents "Hard Labor"
at Sean Christopher Gallery at Health Perspectives
815 N. High Street
Columbus, Ohio
Opening Reception May 1, 2010 6-9pm

Look for my new sculpture in wood, slate and seeds