Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rural Routes (not your traditional landscape) Exhibition featuring works by Claire E Smith and Catherine Bell Smith

This exhibition at the Ohio Art League Gallery with Claire E. Smith took place last April. The show consisted of lithographs, drawings, and three large sculptures.  The series of lithographs and the sculpture "Black Angus" are the creations of Claire Smith and can be viewed here. The drawings, Sentinels of Route 68, and the sculptures, Reliquaries and Watershed are mine. The opening was Thursday, April 7 and it was packed with friends and family from Columbus, Cleveland, Wausau, and Chicago. Their support was overwhelming.

 Sentinels on Route 68 I, II, III, IV
 Charcoal on rag paper
   53" x 24"


Hardware cloth, screen, steel, fountain grass seeds
3' x 10' x 14'
Reliquaries (detail)
Reliquaries (detail)

 Fountain grass, wire mesh, steel columns
4' x 8' x 35'

Watershed (detail)
Watershed (detail)

Watershed (detail)

Rural Routes (not your traditional landscape) is an installation inspired by the long, repeated trips along Interstate 71 between Columbus (where Claire grew up) and Cleveland (where Catherine grew up). Speeding along through a landscape in order to arrive at a destination only allows driver and passenger snapshot glimpses of the whole picture. Memory strings those images together, shifting size, losing detail, collapsing distances. The countryside that separates two places becomes the route that connects two homes. Home begins to include those spaces between. And, though we don’t work the land, we claim a connection with it.

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